Raiding the Virtual Closet


Today, my partner Lourdes Denimore presented a bloggers challenge in a piece on Shopping Cart Disco aptly titled ‘Dress me up’.  The challenge consists of having your partner/BFF/fuck-buddy/boyfriend/girlfriend dress you up.  I’m blogging it here to present my side of the story as was done in the original blog post ‘Dare: I Let My Boyfriend Dress Me’.  Now, there are different ways to do this if you want to do it.  We did it by me logging in as her and basically raiding her virtual closet.  How you choose to take up the challenge is all up to you and how comfortable you are with the other person.  Perhaps you would instead let them pick out a full outfit from head to toe on their own and present it to you to wear.  There are a myriad of options, just choose the best one for you.


The original blog post was a real life challenge where the author’s boyfriend picked out her outfits from her closet.  This was way different and much harder than it is in real life for several reasons.

  • Virtual closets are locked in someone’s inventory and most items do not have pictures, so you are literally guided by names and how organized the avatar’s virtual closet is.  I will say that Lourdes closet is pretty well organized and I was able to rummage through different folders and know that as I moved into, for example, the dresses folder, I was going to find just that.
  • An inventory of close to 70 thousand items has to be organized if you ever want to find something in it.  I was glad that items were separated in different folders by category and that there was a ‘crap freebies’ folder since I was avoiding those at all costs.  The size of the closet compounded by not knowing most of what is in it makes for a time of exploration and discovery.
  • A virtual closet where outfits and separates need to be worn to know their contents, unless a picture is included with them, makes it harder to match things up that you think might go together.  It was a bit frustrating having to wear an item and say ‘yay or nay’ then keep that item in mind when looking for the rest of the outfit.
  • In real life, when you pick out a pair of shoes, you don’t have to match prim feet to the skin.  I didn’t take too long…I have female I know the drill but nevertheless time consuming.

All in all and frustrations aside, it was a learning experience and it was fun.  It’s not every day that my mate asks me to pick out her outfits.  Looking back, I’d do it again and maybe pair the black jeans with the casual outfit.


About Salvatore Otoro

I'm an avatar in the Second Life metaverse. I spend most of my time visiting roleplaying sims on the grid and taking pictures of models and scenery. Salvatore Otoro
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