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Raiding the Virtual Closet


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Settling In

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Incunables and a path through the cellar

Fellow blogger and role player Dagmar Haiku of Eclectic Equations blogged Incunables and a path through the cellar on my blog Second Life Roleplay

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Farewell to AM Radio

I had promised Lourdes we would be doing a little exploring but I forgot to mention what mode of transportation we would use.

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War not Hugs

A week ago, Gogo and Sophia blogged about coming together to hug it out and making peace with each other.  Project Hug It Out was born and it asked those that had issues with each other to hug and “promote happiness … Continue reading

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Show Us Your Digits

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What Is Your Digital Footprint?

Over the weekend, I read an interesting article aptly titled 92% of U.S. toddlers have an online presence and I was really shocked. We’re talking about toddlers not kids in high school or college. This piece really got me thinking … Continue reading

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Is It April Fool’s Already?

I have to laugh, and laugh hard when I see a random post thrown on Twitter get so much press that they actually think it’s true. I don’t know the person that posted the news, but according to several comments … Continue reading

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Second Life is a Game….Is It?

This past week has seen some references to the phrase “SL is a game. I win”, as what appears to be a badge of honor for a resident whom seems to have found the hidden end-game component that many a … Continue reading

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>Emerald Dies, Burns, and is Reborn

>Recently, twitter, facebook, plurk, and a few websites have been ablaze with talk of the very popular Second Life third-party viewer Emerald, with all the great features that were more what the users wanted and less of what the official … Continue reading

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